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* September 2023

Ford has adapted its logo.

New Ford Logo

Two small details have changed at Ford. The lettering is now in white and no longer in chrome.
The border of the logo is also now white. Otherwise, everything remains the same.
The Ford logo has changed again and again over the years.
The distinctive lettering was introduced in 1909 and has been adapted slightly over the years.
The lettering on a blue background in an oval has been around since 1927. (Source autobild.de)

* March 2023

Home Electric Car News 2023

After more than 30 years since its end of production, the Ford Capri is to celebrate its comeback next year. But as an electric car and "half" Volkswagen. Like several other Ford models, it is to be based on the purely electric MEB platform of the Wolfsburg company, as the British Autocar has learned from Ford's European chief designer Amko Leenarts.

Motorisation and range are thus likely to be similar to the relatives of Volkswagen's ID family: There, electric motors with 125 kW (170 hp), 150 kW (204 hp) and 210 kW (285 hp) and thus several drive layouts up to a sporty all-wheel drive model are available. The 77 kWh battery from the VW shelf should take the electric Ford Capri up to 500 kilometres.

Ford is not alone in its plan to reactivate a classic: the Opel Manta is to celebrate a purely electric comeback, as is the Renault R5. And BMW is even naming an entire new generation of vehicles after a term from the 1960s: the New Class, whose i Vision Dee concept car also borrows heavily from a classic: the 2002 from the 1970s. And at VW, the ID.Buzz electric bus is strongly reminiscent of the first original model of the VW bus, the T1.

The first rumours that Ford was to usher in a rebirth of the Capri already existed at the beginning of 2022 - when the US group secured the naming rights for numerous of its classics for Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

"It has to be sexy"
According to Autocar, the reinterpretation of the Capri will be slightly higher and will also be a five-door model - which would speak for an electric family crossover with sporty genes. However, Ford already has a similar model in its range with the Mustang Mach-E.

Unfortunately, Leenarts did not comment on the design of the new model in Autocar. But he made one thing clear: "It has to be sexy." And the Capri is definitely a good template in terms of sexiness.

Source: Autocar - Ford Capri name destined to return for second MEB EV


* March 2023
Various optical adjustments with renewals, additions in the start and individual link pages

* 2022
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* 2019

50 years Ford Capri
Start of production 1968 - product launch 21 January 1969

* Dezember 2018
We do without a forum.

* April 2018
The competition has been discontinued and now serves as a presentation of the oldest and youngest Capri.

Der Wettbewerb wurde eingestellt und dient neu als Präsentation der ätesten und jüngsten Capri.

Le concours a été interrompu et sert maintenant de présentation du plus vieux et du plus jeune Capri.

* February 2015

The new Ford GT looks in Liquid Silver

* June 2012 - google+ account

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* July 2009 - new with community-features

* April 2009 - Questionnaire - provisionally turned off (hacker attack)

* November 2008
Our intended birthday party - 40 years Ford Capri - in August 2009 - of Switzerland
must be canceled unfortunately for reasons of economy and organizational difficulties.



Woodman makes tearful return to Combe

The famous Cologne Capri of Vince Woodman winning in the 1970s touring cars race

A tearful Vince Woodman took an emotional victory in the first race of the weekend at the Castle Combe Circuit's two-day Classic Carnival, some 22 years after his famous car last raced there.

Woodman, from Chipping Sodbury, achieved international success at the wheel of his Cologne Capri in the 1970s and 80s, the car still holding the Special Saloon lap record at Castle Combe set in 1977, before the circuit was slowed with the addition of two extra corners.

Having undergone a major rebuild and with Woodman recovering from a hip operation, the car qualified seventh in Saturday's rain-soaked qualifying session for the Touring 70s Group 1 saloon car race.

With co-driver Dan Cox, from Bristol, at the wheel, the Ford was in the lead halfway through the second lap, Cox going on to build a substantial lead before handing over to Woodman 30 minutes into the 45 minute race.

Escort driver Laki Christoforou was closing, but Woodman kept his cool, crossing the line two and a half seconds clear.

Holding back the tears, Woodman said: "The car is even better than it was when it was new. It means so much to me to win again at Castle Combe after all these years, just incredible."

Wiltshire Times & Chippenhams News Monday 4th August 2008

Vince Woodman

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