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History Ford Capri Mk I (1969 - 1973)

1971 Ford Capri MkI 3000E
1971 Ford Capri MkI 3000E

Presented to the world press on January 21,1969 in the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, and delivered to the market in 14 countries on February 5,1969, the Capri I is ready to be launched.

Originally the new car was supposed to be called Colt, but Mitsubishi had already occupied it.

In the first few months, more than 50,000 cars were ordered.
Production had already started in 1968.
The pleasing body shape with the long bonnet and short rear end was well received by the audience.
Many a father of a family decided on the Capri - in which car with a sports car feeling was it possible to comfortably accommodate a family of four?
And what about the 6,995 D-Mark for the 1.3-litre version?
This one had only 52 hp and needed 24 seconds to get from zero to 100, but the sportiness could be worked out in this car.

A family coupé with long bonnet and short tail.

WHAT A SENSATION! With a price under 7000 DM!

  • Scope of delivery German market:
    (69-72) 1300,1500,1700, (69-73) 1300,2000,2300,2600,3000 ccm engines

  • Scope of delivery English market:
    (69-73) 1300,1600,2000, (70-73) 3000 and (73-74) 3100 ccm engines

  • Scope of supply American market:
    (70-72) 1600, (71-74) 2000, (72-73) 2600 (1974) 2800 ccm engines

  • Scope of supply South Africa market:
    (1970-73) Perana V8/3000 cm engines

1970 at the "Geneva Motor Show" as a lightweight construction, in October at the Paris Motor Show
as roadworthy all-steel version, the legendary Capri RS 2600 with 150 HP introduced
and even competed with the sports car from Zuffenhausen in March 1970.

The Capri RS 2600 could even compete with a Porsche.
However, the range of engines was also sufficient for faster journeys.
For the race track the car was drilled up to three litres and produced 265 hp, in 1973 even 325 hp.

In February 1972 the 500,000, in September 1973 the 1 million Capri and in February 1974 the 1.1 million Capri went off the production line. On September 7th 1972 the Capri 73, among others with bigger rear lights, is presented.


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