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The Ford Capri in motorsport and racing (Germany)

The Ford Capri can look back on a long and spectacular career in » Ford Motorsport and Racing.

On 14th / 15th March 1969 the Capri's first sporting assignment was at the Rally Solitude / Charbonnières.

On June 18,1969 a motorsport department was inaugurated for Germany.
And Germany has the dominant word at the end of the racing career.

Ford Capri MkI 3000 from 1972 with Cooper-Fittipaldi
Emmerson Fittibaldi next to the Ford Capri I 3000 - 1972

This was due to the fact that England defies the predominant race engine construction, no advantages from the racing operation of the Capri in the street. In addition, the » rally cross was of great interest in England.
On February 8,1969 the first 4-wheel drive Capri celebrated its victory in the north of England.

Germany took the first attack in the 1970 season of the Touring Car Championship.
In 1971 Jochen Mass becomes German Car Circuit Champion on Capri RS and Dieter Glemser on Capri RS European Touring Car Champion in the class over 2000 cm³.
1972 plays an absolutely leading role in the same series of Capri.
Jochen Mass wins the European Touring Car Championship with the Capri RS.
Hans Stuck junior becomes German Circuit Champion with the Capri RS.

Jochen Mass with the Ford Capri RS3100
Jochen Mass with the Ford Capri RS3100 as winner at the Norrisring in Division 1 of 1975.

The 73-series race engine is drilled to almost 3 litres and produces over 320 hp.
In addition, the new angular wing widening and the larger front spoiler characterise the new racing Capri.
1974 the rear spoiler is used as an aerodynamic aid.

At the end of 1974 Ford disbanded the motorsport department, although the RS 3100 ltr. still has some appearances until the end of 1975. At this time the Capri II is also ready for racing.

Ford leaves it up to the many successful private drivers to get the best out of the Capri.

On July 29,1978 Ford and Zakspeed joined forces to launch the groups 5 Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri, with 1.4 litre, KKK-exhaust gas turbocharger with between 380 and 460 hp and 280 km/h. On July 29,1978, Ford and Zakspeed started the race. He is driven by two-time racing champion Hans Heyer. The most radical of all modified classes in the production car championship. The Capri in the group 5 to 2000 ccm was completed for the 10th anniversary of the Ford racing department.

In 1981, the » Turbo-Capri was voted "Motorsport-Automobile of the Year".

In 1982 Ford turned away from the aging Capri.
The end of the Capri era in the German motorsport championship has begun.
There were only a few sporadic races with Zakspeed direct.

Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri
With the Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri - Group 5 Klaus Ludwig won the 1981 German Racing Championship.

Engine and technical data:
Four-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 87.4 x 72.75 mm, displacement 1745 cm3, compression ratio 7.0:1, power 441 kw (600 hp) at 9000/min, max. power output 441 kw (600 hp) at 9000 rpm. Torque 471 Nm at 6400 rpm, five-fold mounted crankshaft, two overhead camshafts, drive via toothed belt, four valves per cylinder, dry sump lubrication, mechanical fuel injection by a ball-fisher, electric fuel pump, 110 litre safety fuel tank.
Acceleration from 60 to 200 km/h in 6.3 sec., top speed 330 km/h.
Power transmission:
Five-gear transmission with separate oil pump and cooling, 90 percent differential lock,
Axle drive depending on race track 5,14:1 to 4,375:1.
Aluminum tubular frame, front independent wheel suspension on McPherson struts, rear rigid aluminium axle on four trailing arms, gas pressure shock absorbers and titanium coil springs, internally ventilated disc brakes front and rear, alloy wheels front 11.5 J x 16, rear 14.0 x 19, tyres front 280/600/16, rear 330/700/19
Wheelbase 2560 mm, gauge 1650/1575 mm, external dimensions 5060 x 1980 x 1150 mm, empty weight 800 kg.

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